5 Unforgettable Experiences To Try When Visiting California

The Golden State of California

California the land of “milk and honey” or more aptly the Golden state due to its gold mines which were discovered in 1848 and its fields of golden poppies that shine through the months of spring!
It is the state that houses Hollywood, Malibu beach, Disneyland, the Golden Gate Bridge, Universal Studios and of course Alcatraz, to name but a few of the more popular tourist attractions that you should visit with a luxury car hire.
But there is a lot more to see and do in California that may take you a bit off the beaten track or have you ducking into a cave but you are sure to have a great adventure and a lot of fun too.

Here are 5 unique and unforgettable experiences to check out:

#1 Hike to Potato Chip Rock
This rock is a thing piece of rock jutting out from a bigger one and has a great view of it if you are brave enough to step up onto the rock.
The rock is part of the Mount Woodson Trail in the city of Poway California, it is an 8-mile round trip hike that takes you up quite steep inclines, so it is not really recommended for inexperienced hikers.

#2 The Museum of Death
Now located on Hollywood Boulevard this museum has photos of various grizzly murder crime scenes, a severed head, various body bag collections, coffins, mortician instruments and various other tools used in various death scenes.

#3 See breathtaking views of San Francisco from a hidden staircase
Known as the “Secret Tiled Staircase” the 16th Avenue staircase has 163 steps which have been tiled with bright mosaic tiles.  The stairs were a collaboration of the neighborhood residents to beautify the Golden Gate Heights neighborhood.  The bottom of the step has sea themed tiles that lead up to the sun tiles at the tops.  This is designed to create a sea of the stars themes.
There is a garden at the top of the stairs that has beautiful plants planted in it in an effort to conserve the Green Hairstreak butterfly.

#4 La Jolla Cove and Sunny Jim’s caves
One of the seven Cove caves of La Jolla, Sunny Jim Cave is one of the most popular.  Steeped in history and packed full of interesting stories this cave is a great adventure. From the sea mouth opening up the 145 steps to a store that the tunnel opens out to.

#5 Seward Mini Park
This park has a history of activism and a major contributor to the change in legislation that ensures there is a certain amount of open space before any new development projects can be approved. The main attraction of this small park is the two side by side long steep cement slides which are not for the faint of heart and remember to take a sturdy piece of cardboard!


Always check the opening and closing times of any attraction you are planning to visit, and it is wise to book in advance to avoid the long wait in queues at some attractions.  Some attractions may also be seasonal ones so check out their websites or call them to verify before going there or making plans around them.